Monday, October 14, 2013

About Parlez-Vous Chic?

Parlez-Vous Chic?:

Bonjour, my fabulous friends. This post is to tell you all about this blog; Parlez-Vous Chic?.
I started this blog to share and express my style, which is sort of a mixture of most styles. Some days I feel like dressing preppy and polished while other days I feel more bohemian, so I don't exactly have a particular style. My wardrobe mostly consists of neutral tones such as, black, white, beige and baby pink. Even though most of those colors seem soft and romantic, most of my clothes and outfits have an edgy look to them.

The Name:

I chose "Parlez-Vous Chic?" because French is widely associated with fashion and because it's my favorite language. The other reason I chose it is because I've realized that if you write your blog name in a different language it is more likely to be available.

I will try to make my blog as interesting as I possibly can. I hope you find my posts enjoyable, I'm sorry this post isn't very long.